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I will be calling the vet tomorrow, but could use some advice.

I'm going to be calling the vet tomorrow morning, and it's unfortunate that I wasn't able to get a hold of them before they closed for the weekend. That being said, I could use some advice.

Yesterday morning, I noticed a smudge of blood on the bathroom floor. I checked my feet, and checked my dog out, to see where it might have come from. I didn't find anything, so I figured maybe I had a small cut that I didn't notice.

Last night, I went to go turn on the bath, and found a fair sized (dried-out) watery puddle of blood, with clots in it. It also had what looked a ton of tiny bubbles in it (I took a picture for the vet). I have no clue where it's coming from on her. I managed to get a urine sample this morning from her (slid a paper bowl under her to catch the pee), and it looks normal. She has some diarrhea (not bloody), and she doesn't want to really eat. Not even just plain rice or hotdog (which she would normally gobble up). Could it be ulcers?

It drive me nuts that these kinds of things happen on the weekend. There is no way to get to a vet until tomorrow. But I'm really not sure what to do for her until then, asides from keeping an eye on her. Should I try to find something that she'll eat, or leave her alone?

My poor baby, this has been such a rough year health wise.
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