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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Have you ever tried a Gentle Leader or a Martingale Collar? I would reccomend the gentle leader untill your pup learns to walk properly on leash and then maybe you can work up to a regular collar. The gentle leader allows you to have a bit more control than a choke chain.

Do you know someone else with a dog that you may be able to take some walks with? somoene you can socialize the pup with? this may help as well.
The dog is 3 and a half years old , and it may take more than a Gentle Leader
to get the dog from lunging. My last dog wore a Gentle Leader but he had a lot of training too to teach to not pull or lung . A Gentle Leader has to put on correctly in order to made a difference , if it's too lose it will not do anything and too tight is painful to the dog.
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