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ivermectin for puppy with mange?

Hi I have a pit bull puppy (Izzy Boo) who I found as a stray that I took in (& love her to death (: she's a doll!) Anyways when I 1st rescued her I noticed she had small bumps on her face & head area..I went straight to petsmart and bought all kinds of oatmeal & fungi shampoo because I have another dog at home (my 1yr old Aussie) & I didn't want whatever it was on Izzy to get on my other dog! So I bathed her in it about 4 times then noticed it was getting worse & she is now starting to loose hair & her scratching is causing her skin to bleed & make scabs & become red & irritated. I googled some symptoms of what it could be & I have learned that it is possibly mange!! so I looked online for some ways to cure it (I know take her to a vet & I plan too) but I found a lot of people were having success with ivermectin after about a month of trearment..I was just looking to see if anyone has ever used this method before & if so how much dosage would I give to a puppy? Thanks!
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