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Chico - good to hear Chico was rechecked & dosage readjusted. HypoT does happen occasionally after the RaId treatment as well, Duffy was like that for about 6 months after her treatment.

Re the kidney values it could just be that the when he went Hypo the reduced amount of flow through the kidneys makes the body think there is an issue with the kidneys, hopefully it should even back out to normal once his Thyroid comes back to where his normal-high range was.

Usually what happens with HyperT kitties is that the extra blood flow hides any kidney issues because the body thinks there's no problems, once the thyroid is sorted out if there is an issue with the kidneys it shows then.

pattymac make sure you ask specifically for a T4 test - it is an add on to the geriatric panel it's not automatically done for senior kitties. I would also suggest getting a urinalysis done to check kidney function. If you have any questions feel free to ask away
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