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Originally Posted by it'spuppylove View Post
Hey again,

So after going through the very exciting process of adopting a rescue dog we are happy to announce that Lilo will be coming to live with us tomorrow!

That being said since she's 10 years old I was wondering if it's possible to still train her? I know it sounds like a silly question to ask but I'm wondering if there's anything to the saying "can't train an old dog new tricks." I'd love to hear from people who have older dogs and their experience with training them or anyone else who has some advice to share

I'm looking to train her to ring a bell by the door every time she needs to use the washroom. I've read about it online and it seems like it's a long process but I think it will benefit both Lilo and myself (as well as our nice floors )

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Ps. I've attached a photo of our adorable Lilo incase you'd like to see what she looks like. She was with an owner that didn't provide her with much grooming so unfortunately her foster mom needed to give her a shave since she was all matted but we still think she looks just as cute as before!
She is very cute and a very lucky dog to be adopted at her age. That is so wonderful of you . Is she part poodle?
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