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Growler re.Chico

Growler,Chico has still not gone for his radial iodine treatment,Guelph is waiting for their Licence from the government,otherwise he's set to go.
The other day,I took him to the vet because he'd been lethargic the last little while.
It turns out he was overmedicated and was now Hypo,instead of Hyper and his kidneys had been comprimised.
He's now back to one 2,5mg pill/day and we're hoping his kidney-values will improve. vet told me,after the 10days,he does not need to be isolated at home,which is a great relief,since I would have hated to leave him downstairs on his own.
So,we'll wait for a call from Guelph Veterinary school,he is on top of the list.
He's doing ok,has gained some weight and I hope he keeps it on.
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