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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
I trained my pup to ring the bell to go out and it ws super easy. I placed them on the door handle and everytime we went outside to do her business I would ring the bell and say "pee pee". I would say that you should revert back to the basics with your new pupper. Take her out every 2 hours to start and ring the bell each time and she will pick it I am sure. Mine picked it up in one day!

The funny thing is that animals are pretty smart and she figured out real fast that if she rang the bell mommy would take her outside but all she wanted was to play.

Mine were given as a gift but I have seen them at the Global Pet Foods store here in Ontario.

Good Luck!!

Oh and I almost forgot!! Thank you so much for rescuing a senior!!!!
Thanks so much for your help it's awesome to hear from another dog owner the tips and tricks you've used.

And no need to thank me, it was her that ended up rescuing us (since you never realize what you're missing until you have a dog).
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