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Maybe while you're doing that you can ask them why they felt it necessary to send someone in undercover to Caboodle Ranch which led to the ranch being shut down and most of the cats under their care (and vet care) being killed. Between PETA, who last year had a 97% kill rate btw, and the local SPCA where Craig had his ranch they completely destroyed the man. He has since been vindicated. It is despicable when you have your neighbours going around on ATVs killing every cat they can. And they weren't punished for it. Ask them also why they felt it necessary to destroy everything the man and his friends built. They systematically went through his property smashing every cat house, tearing down whatever they could. They had already done the damage by sending in their undercover person. Why did they have to destroy his life too? I am not saying he was completely free of fault. He had way too many cats for the people he had helping him. But Peta did not have to do what they did with the express purpose of destroying him.

Check out also their founder's interviews from years back. Ingrid Newkirk is her name. She says when she was an officer with animal control she would go in early on kill days so she could start the killing. That and many other things will sicken you. Read the stories where they will tell of a Peta member taking a young mother cat and her newborns from a vets office so they could find them homes. The only home they found was a trash bin after the member took them to their vehicle and killed them. It's been well documented.

If you really want to do an interview with both sides try to get Nathan Winograd on that podcast. He is the author of - Redemption - and other books on no kill. Maybe then Peta will actually answer some questions. They have been busy telling everyone that will listen that he has no idea what he's talking about even though it has been proven that no kill is working.

Sorry to go off on a rant but it's what I'm good at. I followed Caboodle Ranch from it's inception and have read far too much about PETA and their 'kindnesses to animals" to believe anything they say.
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