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Haven't been back since my Tusalena died Dec/2010, it was a hard one as she was my first cat. I also want to thank everyone for all the advice and help you gave me during that time.

I have 8 cats now, 3 are seniors, 3 are adults and 2 kittens. 3 are overweight, 3 are holding their own and the 2 kittens are eating up a storm they are eating free dry with supplemented wet. I would First like to get them off the dry and into meal feeding with wet. Then I would like to go with raw feeding, but one step at a time.

So what I need to know is;

what is a good canned food available in Canada that's not too expensive?, How much to feed them, since I have some overweight and some growing? Can I use cheap (Walmart type) food with expensive brands? Diet food or regular with less amount?

I've read soooo many articles on cat food that I find I'm lost in the information. I would like to go with making my own, as I would hope that not only is it better for them but cheaper than commercial.

Is there anyone out there that has many cats that can give me some advice and food costs? Is making your own less expensive?

Anyway I'll leave all my questions for now as I need to make the leap into some direction.

Thanks again
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