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Red face

Thank you so much everyone for your nutritional advice. I just got home from work and am running out to get some better varieties of canned cat food based on everyone's advice.
Thanks RUSTYcat for the information about medications. I started her out on the vets dosage but will be cutting the Norocam in half and monitoring her closely. I'm still a bit angry at the vet in this town. We live in an isolated area of Alberta and I do believe that this vet just picks medication out of a hat for our loving animals.
Tomorrow we are going to Calgary to see a surgeon about our oldest dog. He is a 13 year old mini-pincher/dachshund mix. He suffers from Mega-colon. I'll try to pop a few questions in about my kitty's medications if I can.
Wish me luck, and again, thanks for the advice. I am a new member and found this forum during my research on CeeCee's illness and medications. I am already happy I found it. I'll post some pictures of our animals as soon as I'm not tending to sickly animals.

Thanks so much. Keep the comments and advice coming.

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