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Unhappy Cat Urinary infection medication questions

I live in a small town far from from veterinary clinic options. I am questioning the medications that have been prescribed to my youngest cat, CC(CeeCee). She is 2 years and 8 months old, fixed, and weighs 8 lbs. On May 10 she decided to pee in my sink (for some odd reason), and she was peeing orange. Upon bringing her to the vet they performed urinalysis and radiology ... told us it was a urinary tract infection and gave her a Convenia injection and Metacam injection. I also began putting a capfull of pure cranberry in her water dish each day as I here it is beneficial.
Again on May 23 she urinated in the sink. This time a darker red. The vet then prescribed oral Metacam (single dose), Noroclav 125mg twice daily x 3 weeks, and Baytril 25mg for 8 days.
I have done some research and am starting to come to the conclusion that the medications and dosages may be a bit off. I would appreciate some feedback so that I can be sure my cat is getting the right treatment. I am already a bit angry about the Metacam and am wondering why she needs it. She is not experiencing pain that I have noticed, and as far as I have been reading it seems dangerous for cats.
She seems quite content and happy, other than the bloody urine.

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