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Diet question for my sick dog


The question is below.
Here's a little context.....

I need to try and put weight on my dog fast.
Long story, she's skinny and losing weight slowly and vet can't figure out what's going on after several tests (next stop internal specialist)
Vet says at this point it falls under the rare category.
She also has Megaesophagus. (vet does not think it's related to the skinny and weight loss)
Anyway, not looking for guesses on what's wrong with her.
I'm in good hands in that department.
Not so much in the diet department.

The vet has her on Medi Cal Gastro High Energy wet canned food (3 cans a day)
And in between the 3 meals, I also give her Trippet canned food.
She also gets treats, and eats crap off the ground outdoors (when I'm not able to stop it of course
But she's getting harder stool and constipation.
And still lost a little weight! (I know, not normal - but for now I have to keep trying things)
I know the Medi Cal is garbage, even if it is "balanced" food.
So this week I'm telling him I'm changing the diet gameplan.

Any suggestions for fast weight gain with quality, balanced, food that can hopefully steer clear of constipation and loose stool?

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