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Am I choosing the right breed?

Hi Everyone,
Im planning to buy a puppy and Ive been looking around in the last few weeks to decide which breed I want. I really like the Boston Terriers, but I still have a few questions to ask to make sure that my new puppy and me gonna be happy together.:-)
I share an apartment with my cousin and we both work full time, different shifts though so most of the time someone is home. I dont have kids and Im not planning to have in the next few years, but I would like to have latter on.
So Im looking for a puppy that is happy in an apartment, doesnt bark too much (or can be trained not to), can be on its on sometimes, and likes kids. Giving a daily exercise/walk wouldnt be an issue, I like walking myself.
My only concern is the cold weather, they are sensitive, right? I live in AB, how can I walk my dog during winter?
I was also considering french bulldogs, and frenchtons(french bulldog X boston terrier), but I read it somewhere they take very badly if they are left alone and they mostly one person dog.
Any suggestions? Thank you
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