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Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
Duffy refused to use the nosorb litter the 2nd time I tried it. Unless you use several containers of nosorb or have the box tilted & the cat stands on the higher side they just end up stepping in their pee anyways.

If you can get a first of the morning appt & lock Sam up in a room without a litterbox for a couple of hours prior, hopefully you can get him in to the clinic with enough in his bladder for a sample, providing he doesn't pee on the way there.

thanks growler, I think it`s going to be an impossible task because that new vet told me that it was "too hard to catheterize an old cat"... despite the fact that my old vet used to do it right there in the examining room with me holding him... she had no problem at all... I got the feeling she didn't have the skills to catherize him... she is a bit of a dipstick in my opinion. I may wait until I find a new vet but that's going to cost me an exam fee too which I don't appreciate... gawd knows how much this vet will charge me to do the urinalysis if I ever get the specimen.

What I have been doing is putting his regular litter in an old flat litter box with no lid on it and keeping him locked in my bedroom with it for a few hours at a time. Once he gets used to using the new box I was going to substitute the nosorb for his regular litter and see how he reacts if I leave the box in the room for several hours with him. He's quite used to being in my room during the day with the door closed, it's keeping the other cats out that's been the problem cuz they can open the door themselves... will have to change the door handle to a knob style so they can't get in... LOL
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