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Have you ever been bitten by your own dog or cat?

I was just reading on another forum about an owner who got chomped by their dog when they were trying to take away a plastic garbage bag from the dog and the dog nailed them on the arm, breaking skin.

So far other than pretty much accidental bites from Bayley when she still had her puppy teeth and those don't take much to break skin, she's never bitten me, now she does mouth when she gets playing but never puts any pressure.

Nino used to threaten to bite if he didn't like something I was doing, he doesn't anymore. Noella play bites but like Bayley never hard enough to break skin. My first cat Nikki used to play bite, he'd grab my arm and just hold it, and the look was like Gotcha!! Now some people he didn't like, I wouldn't put it past him to bite seriously.
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