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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Oh, my sympathies!! But congrats on the baby-to-come!!

I have better luck with peppermint candies than with ginger. Real sugar peppermint candies, not sugarless ones.

Sounds miserable, Koteburo! How long did the doc think the nausea would last?
It might go on through all the first trimester and I'm only 7 weeks in.
I'm going to give the peppermint candies a try.
@_@ I haven't been able to play as much with my fur babies because I'm Miss Pukey Dizzyckson hehe
Real sugar peppermint candies. Sounds good because along with it my belly gets really upset over nothing. I'll give it a try
Thanks for the hug I need them haha I promise not to puke

P.S. I'm having an hour of semi relief
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