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Nausea remedies

Totally off topic
Do you know any natural nausea remedy that is not ginger (already using ginger)
I had to change to capsules because with almost perma nausea I started to abhor the taste of ginger everyday
It's really BAD I have it like 15 - 18 hours of the 24 if not more and I don't vomit I just feel really nauseated and go to the bathroom cough, some water comes out. But I feel bad all the time.
Help! I'm going bonkers and I'm a bit depressed because I feel bad all the time I get goosebumps every 5 minutes of every hour
Even my daily exercise is getting difficult because I'm so nauseous.
Any miracle remedies out there?

P.S. I'm not sick I'm pregnant. Never been before but it's hitting me really bad.
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