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Thanks MaxaLisa,

Hope you guys are doing well!

The results for Shiloh's blood panel were not too bad. She did have slightly elevated liver enzymes and her amylase and lipase were high as well as sodium and potassium. Her sodium and potassium were high the last time and the vet suggested this may be due to dehydration or maybe it is normal for her. The amylase and lipase can indicate some pancreatitis although she doesn't seem to show any major symptoms. I have noticed, but this is really something that she has had her entire life, a sensitive system with respect to digestion. If I change things in the diet it can set off some loose stool or sometimes she vomits undigested food. I can't give her fish oil because it also seems to bring on loose stool so am to just watch fat intake.

I have never given digestive enzymes but am now looking into that. Plant form vs animal form, that is the question. I think I read that the animal form like porcine pancreatin (amylase, lipase and protease) is the best for pancreatitis. Like usual, I don't like the look of any dog supplements so will try a human one. I liked the look of NOW pancreatin or NOW super enzymes so might see if that helps. She has lost a kg so maybe it is also because of the inefficient ability to digest.

But, overall, not too bad for my eldest!
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