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Originally Posted by Helene4 View Post
That video is very informative... Monday was the first time Kira had her gland expressed so I hope no damage was done. As for doing it myself; not sure I would be able to do it... I'm hoping her problem will resolve itself, the vet said sometimes an animal will have gland issues for a period of time and after a while, everything goes back to normal. Kira is doing fine, the next day after her vet visit the wound was pinkish, not red like before. It doesn't ooze anymore and Kira doesn't lick at it at all.

I will see the vet in 2 weeks to have Kira's glands checked. If they are not hard and full I will ask her not to empty them. As for giving her pumpkin, I always have some on hand, but she doesn't seem to have loose stools, I don't find any when I clean the litter box. Everything in that department appears ok but I do find several small round poo and others that are longer. Maybe the small poo doesn't apply enough pressure to empty the glands? I will have to spy on her when she goes to the litter box to see if her poop is normal. I have another cat, Jadzia, so I need to know which poo belongs to who!
LOL I hear yah, I spy on my pups poop everyday! remember it could be more than just a poop problem though, but I hope maybe this was just an off time and she will be better now, it certainly cannot be fun times for them! I remember reading too that omega oil supplement is good for this problem
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