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Help with diagnosis.

This is going to be a bit long but please read through this perhaps you can give us some ideas on how to proceed. Sasha is 8 1/2 yr old now Chocolate Lab.

So, 6 - 8 months ago Sasha ate Horse manure (fresh)
6 - 8 weeks ago Sasha got into the household garbage and ate: KFC Chicken bones, paper bowls, and who knows what else was in there
Sasha is known for having the foreign object in the belly stuff.

She started shedding about 4 weeks ago and it has gotten really bad, her coat is dull and fur comes in in little clumps. I started thinking that she has something in her belly that is causing this because her coat did this when she ate the corn cob a couple of years ago. About 1 week ago she started to get a green goopy stuff coming out of her left eye. This is when I made an appointment at the Vets.

May 10th, Friday
Took her in and they did full blood workup all was good there, xrays (full doggie) throat, chest and belly, these did not show anything. We were referred to an Internal Specialist,the initial exam Sasha was palpated her throat when this was done she made coughing/choking sounds so noted some irritation here, when they did her tummy she was really tender. He did an Ultra sound that showed a suspicious area of intestine, they fed her and kept her over night and did another US, this one was clear, they determined that it was fecal matter. Then they did an Endoscopy and found irritation of the caudal nasopharynx looks to be inflammatory...cause; trauma or infection. Prescribed Clavaseptin and Prednisone.

Monday, no improvement Sasha is somewhat lethargic and sleeping alot. Appointment to see specialist again Tuesday am. Told Vet about the horse poo and maybe Sasha has parasites???? Took her off of the Clavaseptin and gave her a dose of Drontal, and Metronidazole and Omeprazole for her tummy.

Gave her the Drontal yesterday at 1:30pm, the Omeprazole at 4:30 and the Metronidazole at 7:30. Shortly after giving the Met she started coughing and talked to my buddy/pal rgeurts and she said call Vet...duh...called them they said maybe pill is stuck in throat...yup gave her some water laced with Veggie broth she drank this and her throat, she has not slept since dinner at 4pm, she usually naps most of this time but she is lying with me in the kitchen staring at me. It is about 11pm now and I decide it is time to go to the Vet, she is hyper-sensitive and restless, take her Temp, palpate, all is good. We come home and she goes to sleep and sleeps like the dead all night, hardly moving around at all. So, thank you for reading this and if you have any thoughts or ideas please reply. Love my doggie Sasha help!!!!
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