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Originally Posted by minmin12 View Post
She is not going to like this but you could do it yourself. First purchase lubricant as in KY non flavoured. What you are going to need to do is apply this around her anus and on finger, did I mention where latex glove. When you reach inside feel around for lumps they could be small either way gently press down on one at a time. Sometimes a greenish film is going to squirt out and sometimes it is going to be stuck on your finger either way this is going to eliminate Vet. This works for dogs and cats you may require assistance from someone
If she has an infection I would not attempt to do my self... one of my frukids has had a bit of an issue with his anal glands, so a few times a week I give him some pumpkin, you can buy the can at the grocery store but it has to be the pure pumpkin not filling. I recently found at my pet store a product called "Firm Up" which is pumpkin and apple fiber in powder, so I am giving that a try.

Also if I see he is having an issue (I can smell it not see it I guess lol) I do warm water compress with Epsom salts, now I don't know if this would be ok for a cat? maybe you can do it with just warm water? Personally I rather not have my dog's anal glands expressed all the time, because I think that is what caused his problem in the first place - groomers have a tendency to empty the glands without even asking first! -

I recently too got a homeopathic remedy from native remedies, but I just got it in the mail, so I have not used it much.

Here is a really good video from Dr. Becker about anal glands
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