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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Well, it was a rather wet day at Obedience today (Yay!! we desperately need rain)and consequently some people had gone home, others hadn't even arrived. Classes 1 and 2 had to be combined and a guy who I think may be American volunteered to instruct. (Kept calling me M'am, not an Aussie term.) So, apart from learning how to sit in puddles Roo was asked to do stand stays and stand for inspection for the first time and was pretty good. Interesting meeting between him and a black terrier that is a bit, a tiny bit, like a Scottish Terrier, the most vocally aggro dog at training apart from Roo. LOL. They looked at each other and said not a thing! My sister thinks that Roo couldn't read the dog because he is a black dog with black eyes. Possible I suppose, but what about vice-a-versa? Anyway, glad I went along. Hate missing a class.
Here is a photo just to show how much the boy has grown. Jarrah was just about to do a shoulder roll down onto the ground. Roo is now wearing my biggest sheltie dryzabone dog coat so it won't be long and he'll be into Susie's old weatherbeeta.
It looks like Roo told your other dog a very funny joke in that last photo.
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