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Unhappy We're Back

I have all the tools and the know how to do. I even have a trainer, but won't work with Moses and I until I have him under control. He is unstable her words. Now what could I do. I am to take him out alone twice daily around people his attire includes a Martingale Collar/Gentle Leader. No people. I am not to yell, gently pull up on lead and say NO praise with treat ( he has tummy issue trying to fix) words and loving. Somebody please help as I am all alone with him. I need him to stop lunging and going ballistic when either there is a dog or human. When he does these bad no's no's I am supposed to pull on the lead so his eyes meet mine and say NO. Mommy frustrated and Moses not a happy camper, the word no has become my second language while on walks with him. I could not make the entire 20 min as Harley, Moses and I had gone for a long walk this morning. Did I mention Moses is on two leashes now. Please I need advice so that I could turn Moses into the loving dog that he is in the home. He as been in one fight already this dog thot he wanted to play. She then had gone into attack mode and I went into panic mode, owner home Harley went into protection mode, nbr came out with leash. This dog would have killed Moses have I painted a good picture. I really need help, I am losing or already have lost my mind unable to figure that one out.
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