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My dog is a Jack Russell Terrier and I'm sure my dad will take good care of him. I guess it just kind of sucks since I won't be seeing him so often and I will not be there to take care of him. My mom and brother do like him, but they will not take him on walks and stuff like that. More so just provide company, let him outside, and fill his food when he needs to eat. It's only him at the house and he may be lonely for at least a few hours every day(~3-4), we have no other pets. Our neighbours all have pets so he will still see other animals every once in a while. I guess I think he's just going to become lonely and I don't want that to happen. I would be returning home once a month but I feel as though that it may be too little. I guess I'm just trying to find solace in the fact I'm leaving soon and want to ensure my little guy is just as happy or more when I am or am not here.
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