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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
omd, Barkingdog. If she wanted mellow, I don't think either cattle dog or hound is a good choice...
I was told the puppy is mellow, but I think it is mellow right now as it been in a shelter and was shipped from out of state and is not familiar of anything or any person. The puppy looks like a herding dog and I can't see this breed being kept in a crate for very long time. I hope it works out for the puppy , the woman had to give her last dog away as she could not handle it. And she had another dog that was too big for her .She really is clueless about picking a dog out. The puppy does looks like a cross between a cattle dog and a hound dog , I only saw some photos of him.

GF, I am concerned about the dog being crate trained , I was told the puppy will be trained. I wish shelters would educate people about the dog temperament before letting them take it home and find out how long the dog will be left home along during the day. It really is not fair to the puppy or dog going to the wrong person a second time.

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