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What breed of dog is it? I looked after my brother's (as he called it) 'Pointerdor, a cross between a Pointer and a Labrador, for 3 years while he worked in the States and that was okay. Frodo had to do without any visits from him, though he did have other dogs to mingle with. He was a friendly fellow so didn't seem to fret for my brother, it'd be different if it was one of my very devoted cattle dogs though. Is he being fed by one of your parents? If not, start that happening now. My last red male cattle dog wouldn't eat if I wasn't here. I think you need to start distancing yourself a little, let your father go walking with you and the dog, leading up gradually to doing it without you, and if he doesn't want to spend the next 4 years walking him, then fine, but after you are gone it might be a routine worth carrying on with for a while just to get the dog past missing you. He might be able to find a sensible teenager who could do the walking. I do feel sorry for you, it says a lot for the bond you have with this dog that he is your concern, rather than how much you will miss the family. LOL. With any luck 7 years will be just half this dog's lifetime, you'll have the other half to still look forward to.
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