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Have to leave my bud when I go to University

I will soon be starting University and will be living away from home for the next 4 years, at least. I have a 3 year-old dog I love to death and I feel bad now because I feel like I'm abandoning him. He will be living with my mom and dad, and he loves/listens to my dad the most. My mom gets along with him but is not an active carer of him. My older brother will also be living at home, at least for next year, but also doesn't actively take care of him. He should be getting walked daily, though he may not get as much/enough exercise but will get plenty of love nonetheless. He'll be home alone generally for about 5 hours a day.
Well that's my story at the moment, and I guess I'm asking if you guys have advice on which University I should go to. Without going too far into detail, the 2 Universities are pretty much identical in programs, campus, and academics. There really is no distinguishing between the two except one(Western University) is 2 and a half hours a way while the other(McMaster University) is 1 hour away. McMaster would mean being closer at home and seeing my dog and family more often(~once every 2-3 weeks). Western would mean coming home every 4-6 weeks. Although, the upside for Western is that the program is a little more specialized in terms of courses and has better residences, a better city to live in, and has been rated the top University in terms of student experience for countless consecutive years now. I will not be missing home so much per se, hence the reason for moving out, but I was just wondering if my dog will really feel sad/withdrawal. I probably will too, and the fact that I will not be seeing much of him for 8 months out of the year deeply saddens me.
Any advice would be much appreciated!
p.s. I'm a guy
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