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Exclamation Until my cat's vet appointment... :(

Firstly, I absolutely DO have an appointment set at the vet for my cat, Stripe.
It's not for almost two weeks from now, and until then I'm extremely worried.
She's always been very healthy, (she's 5 yrs old now) and very recently I noticed a lump on the side of her right shoulderblade. It's somewhat firm, and the same color as her skin.
I pulled up "lump on cat shoulder" on Google, and of course it gave me an overwhelming list of ailments, everything from simple fatty deposits, abscesses, and (gulp) cancer. it is definitely not an abscess. (I've seen these before and it's just not an abscess.)
Other than that I have no idea. She hasnt had any injuries to the area.
It's basically a growth on her skin.

I'm well aware that a vet appointment is in order and that there is no way to know for sure until she's had thorough exam and testing.
Until her appointment, any other ideas as to what it might be??
I suppose I'm grasping at air here, lol...
I'm just worried.
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