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I'd also like to add, that I don't suggest anyone EVER follow this advice regardless- You could seriously injure your cat digging around in there.
SUCH bad advice.

Originally Posted by Lizziebob View Post
I know I'm coming in YEARS after the question was first posted, but I'm sort of surprised that no posts have addressed one particular way to bring a queen out of heat.

NOTE: I spent about 10 years as an animal foster parent and wound up with more than one queen in heat. I was Googling around tonight to find a better description for the process other foster parents and I used (didn't find one).

FURTHER NOTE: The following is not for the faint of heart.

Thank you to my husband, who always assisted me in these queen-in-heat endeavors. Based on recommendations from other foster parents, I would get a digital thermometer (with a disposable cover), coat the tip with some sort of lubricant, and...well...gently diddle the kitty. And when I say "diddle the kitty," I mean maybe a quarter to a half inch of penetration (and no thrusting!).

The queens always screamed like banshees during the process (like they hadn't already been wandering around the house screaming?); afterward, they rolled around on the floor (and I think they asked us, in cat language, for a cigarette).

The "lustiest" queen required three such treatments.

I'd feel dirty for sharing this with you, but I saw the queens' relief afterward.
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