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Originally Posted by Jim Hall View Post
of the one-pound kitten struggling to survive after being lit on fire on a Philadelphia street corner got worldwide attention, his caretakers say. About $20,000 from 1,000 donors in places as far-flung as New Zealand and Nicaragua paid for the involved medical care and surgery that Justin’s needed to recover from the attack, they said.

And about 100 adoption applications have been filed by people looking to take Justin in, added Anne Trinkle, executive director of Animal Alliance, the group that originally took in the badly-burned kitten and got him medical care.

“We’re humbled – it’s so heartwarming,” said Trinkle. “Ninety perce
wow that is really good about the donations and applications... but, I can't help to wonder if those 99 people who wont take Justin home will still apply to take another homeless cat home?
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