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That's great news for Timber SuperWanda!

Katie is still doing great too! Her big 5K race is this weekend! And it's been over 3 months since her diagnosis now.

Connor sounds just like Shiloh...he's getting a little weaker and slower. He can't jump in and out of the back of the car anymore- he still tries and we have to stop him or he falls After you told me about Shiloh losing hearing we started to suspect Connor, and yep, he hears very little, took us a long time to figure it out since we have always used a lot of hand signals and he takes a lot of cues from Katie. But he still loves to go for walks, lay outside in the sun, EAT, and get attention, so just like Katie, we'll love & spoil him as much as we can for as long as we can

Hope everyone else is doing well too!
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