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Just wanted to check in with some positive news. We had our Spring check with the vet and when she tried to palpate the tumor via soft palate area she felt it might be a little smaller! Last she wrote in her notes it was golf ball size and now feels a little smaller and so she suspects it is slow growing.

I have been slacking a little on my supplement regime so this just kick started me into getting back into things if it is indeed helping or at least keeping it from growing and therefore spreading.

That being said our 14 year old is really slowing down this year and seems to be experiencing some hind end and/or hind leg weakness and is sleeping much more. We ran a blood sample on her so hopefully nothing serious comes back from that but she has lost about a kg since last year at this time. You can tell in her hip/spinal area where her bones seem to be protruding a little. She eats really well but I hope it is nothing more than age related but it still makes me sad to actually see some deterioration at this point. Although, I know I am thankful that I still have her at this age for her size of 60lbs. I'll start a new thread on this topic if anything comes from the blood results.
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