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I'm sure this is frustrating for you, but don't give up hope. Pearl will come around eventually. I think the eye contact thing is up to you. If it feels right make contact, if it feels wrong avoid it. Trust your gut. When you have spare time (which who does anymore) try just sitting on the floor with really, really good treats for Pearl. Hot dogs or chicken bits or something she can smell. First put a couple very close, but where she can see and smell them. Ignore her and see if she will come to take them. Do this before she eats dinner though so she's hungry and more motivated. Then offer her some from the palm of your hand. Don't try to pat her though, just let her get brave enough to take them and go. She will come around eventually. I have desensitized my two puppies to the vacuum by feeding them treats when I vacuum, now I can't start the darn thing without having two puppies prowling around after me and standing on the vacuum cord!

If Pearl is close to the kids, sit on the floor with the kids, let her seem them with you. Encourage them to interact with her while you are there. It all adds up. Oh and one of our members used to read to his cat. The cat was under the bed for a loooooong time, and he would just sit there and read to the cat. Now Miss DU is great with him. Read Pearl a book! 101 Dalmations maybe.
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