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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Yes, the Sibe was an accident going somewhere to happen. Horsham is the capital of the Wimmera area so to speak and even on Sundays there is plenty of traffic. It was a case of being in the right place at the right time, and realising what had happened. I had my back turned.I didn't even know the dog's name was Storm but I'd seen the woman with the Sibe, so when I heard her yelling "Storm" I actually thought 'good name for a Sibe', yet when I turned and called him I used 'Puppy!' because most young dogs react so well to it. Even my adult dogs like to be fussed over and called Puppy. LOL.
This pup, Roo, thinks he is the biggest and best stud muffin there is, Barkingdog. Jarrah is in season so he, ummm, practices. Can't reach her, but next time she comes in they'll need to be separated. But I agree, very precocious for his age.
I knew kids grew up fast today , I did not know dogs did too. LOL! There should be a class for puppies to have safe sex.
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