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Update on Daisy's tail

The glue that was used was surgical glue. My other dog Honey--when she was fixed many years ago--had her incision closed with the same surgical glue, and then folded over and stitched. It wasn't Krazy glue or anything.

But unfortunately, Daisy whacked her tail again the next day and the glue seal broke open. We got the bleeding stopped quickly and changed her dressing - re-wrapping in three layers of bubble wrap. We brought her into her vet again later in the afternoon because I could detect a strange odour from the wound and was concerned of infection setting in. The vet cleaned her up, gave her two stitches, fresh dressing and bubble wrap, and sent us home with Cephalixin - just in case. There was no infection - the odour was basically plasma and the blood clot - but he wanted to be on the safe side - plus I actually requested an antibiotic. A day after getting home she whacked her tail again and it bled a tiny bit through the gauze, but it stopped quickly on its own. We are now four days after her stitches and she hasn't bled for two full days. We changed her dressing this morning but the initial gauze was very firmly stuck to the wound so we chose to trim around it as closely as possible and leave the stuck area where it was and simply clean around it and freshly dress and pad it. I am nervous to moisten it to remove it because I fear it will cause the wound to bleed again. The vet will be calling for her update today and I intend to ask about the stuck gauze, even though he will probably say to just leave it. The antibiotics will ensure no infection and it will fall off as she heals.

In any case, this has been a very trying injury which is surprising because it is so small. She needs constant supervision to keep her from wagging and whacking her tail. I suppose I have been able to answer my own question - it will easily be a full two weeks after the last of the bleeding before healing will be imminent. Poor little girl. She's so sad that she can't play or even roll around in the grass. That tail has a mind of its own and as a good Mom, I have to control her and keep her safe.

If this wound can't heal however (and apparently it does happen sometimes), the next move is a scary one - she would have to have her tail docked. So my fingers are crossed and she is on strict lazy-mode care for another week and a half. No running, no wagging, no rolling. But lots of treats and cuddles. We have definitely learned a lesson from this - we will be very careful of where her tail is when she is upset - and always remember that the closer an injury is to the tip of the tail, the more dangerous and difficult it is to heal, which can lead to the very serious (in my opinion) surgery of amputation.

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