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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Coinciding with his shift up into the new class at Obedience today, I am thinking Roo might need to go into a big cage for travelling, and next weekend he'll definitely have to borrow Jarrah's correction collar. Boy, is he growing fast now! Has all bar a couple of his permanent teeth.
Well, he travelled just fine today, because yours truly remembered to open the windows for him. If I forget he starts the drooling. He didn't actually fly at another dog, which is great. He decided the shepherd pup is nice, found out she was a girl you see. He told me the Kelpie girl might be in season soon, he liked her too. The owner of the GSD puppy annoyed me. It is unregistered and she's talking of breeding from it before she has it desexed. I told her she should take a look at how many GSD litters there are, and how many pups in them. Her puppy came from a litter of 12. They are finding it hard to cope with the mouthing of their hands that it is doing, it hasn't lost any baby teeth yet, so how will they cope if, later on, they have 12 babies to cope with.
Oh, the Sibe that Roo doesn't like was bought to class by the mother of the girl who owns it and unfortunately it got away from her in the carpark as she was about to leave, took off out into the traffic, ignoring her of course. So, I gave a rousing "Puppy! Puppy!, Puppy!" and, thank God, it came over to my car and I had it cornered seeing my front door was open and there was a car next to mine, and caught it for her. What a relief that Roo was already in the car, or it'd be on!
One geuss who needs a good comb out? Jarrah looks like a moth eaten carpet now she is dropping coat. LOL.
WOW ,GF it was good thing you where or that Sibe could had gotten hit by a car. It looks like your little Roo is really growing to be taking interest in girls already. Roo sure is a good looking male , I bet he know it too.
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