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Our cat died 1 1/2 weeks after applying Assurity to her. We called the company and asked for the adverse side effects after she became very
ill. To the point she could not walk at all. The company vet gave us the
run around about it. Blamed it on her age and anything else she could come
up with. Told us the only side effect was the loss of hair where it was applied.
She never lost her hair!

The day before she died we took her to our vet to find out what was wrong with her. She had quit eating, drinking, could not use her back legs, would fall over and was listless. Our vet thought it might be due to her having had a tooth removed 4 weeks earlier with a dental.

When our vet looked up the adverse side effects our cat, Foxy had all but one. No diarrhea. when she came to one of the words she had a wide open eye affect and her hand went to her face. I have never seen the word before, so I asked her. She told us the word was for not being able to walk!
I could not afford the necropsy on our cat, but between our vet and us we
believe that Foxy died from Assurity.
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