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Hey Jim
Welcome to the convo. Sorry he is about 7 months old in that picture, he stands 5' 4" on his hind legs right now at 16 months old, and can jump and hit a 7 foot ceiling. I wish he was a GSD but has the build and stamina of a Mal.

I hope he stops growing soon because he squeezed all the room in the bed at night.

He is short haired, has a huge chest, very very fast, doesn't run like my GSD did. he runs to describe, front paws, then hind paws.. my GSD was right front and hind then left front and hind. If that makes sense.
I'll try to get a better side view this weekend and send it. Remember he's only 16 months old, they grow to 2 years and weight 77 lbs per the vets two weeks ago.
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