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Jack Russell with Nasal Discharge for several months

In January 2013, Eddie was diagnosed with bronchitis and given Baytril. Another antibiotic was added near the end of the first course of Baytril and then a second course of Baytril. Bronchitis is gone. Since February Eddie has had thick white/yellow/green discharge from both nostrils. He reverse sneezes until he almost falls over. A course of Clavamox 3/4 of 125 mg tablet for 14 days and no improvement. Vet suggested we culture for the best antibiotic. I don't remember the name of the bacteria, but it was familiar. So another course of Clavamox - based on his weight, maybe we should do 1 1/2 of 125 mg tablets. We are now into the second week and Eddie is no better. I have begun to use saline to rinse his nose, which helps and thins the "rubber cement" discharge.

The vet now wants to do a dental as this could be related to an abcess. While not impossible, it seems unlikely since both sides of the nose are affected and he does not seem to have any problem with his teeth. Or it could be a foreign object - in both nostrils? Or a tumor - with no blood at all? Maybe a CT scan for $650.00 We have spent $900.00 so far and now another $700 to 900 has been proposed for the dental and radiograph.

Side note: two years ago Eddie developed a muscle wasting disease after a second dose of Advantix for fleas. Vet says it was not the Advantix. $1000.00 and the Oregon State University Veternary Hospital later and one course of prednisone seemed to stop the disease. I am beginning to feel like we look like $$ signs when we go near the vet.
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