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I wanted a black GSD. My regular breeders bitch was not in heat so I looked around and the breeder sells different types of GSDs. His parents were very. Small but fast, they looked like GSD, but were able to turn on a dime. They were used for rescue, search, drugs, law enforcement, service. Shiloh was only 5 weeks when I picked him up and although he did not look like my other GSD, he has most if the character traits. I watched his dad run and he stopped and turned on a dime. Not sure why he called him a straight back, I was told there are many types. $500.00 later he was mine. I was impressed that he was short haired and as he grew, noticed how defined and big his chest was and a very skinny waste. My other GSD had killed his first cat by age 1. Really upset me, but that's evolution. This one had never attempted to kill, has no Interest in other animals. Like a mirror opposite. He has had his trials and errors but he's almost 2 and is changing everyday for the best. My other GSD took 7 strides to get to the back if the yard, Shiloh runs different, he uses his front legs for speed and unlike my other dog, will and can take you down in a heartbeat. I think prey have no chance in my opinion. Where I bought Shiloh is from a breeder that is both a local police officer with his wife. They fed their dogs nothing but raw meat and distillers water.also had an agility course and did training.
I'm happy with my choice. They also had brown, brindle. Black and Tan dogs.
Sorry for rambling... It's a passion.
" In dog years, I'm dead !" ! "

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