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Bleeding Cut on Dog Tail

Hi All.
Last night was our dog's annual vet visit for shots and so on. Our 68lb mixed Daisy became VERY upset when she saw a couple of huge dogs in the waiting room and she freaked out. During her temper tantrum she whacked her tail on something sharp - maybe the chair leg or the corner of the counter. When we got into the exam room there was blood drops everywhere and we didn't even know it was our Daisy. We quickly found the source - her tail got sliced about the size of a fingernail and because it is almost impossible for her tail not to be wagging all the time, the blood was flying. It looked like Texas Chainsaw Massacre by the time we left.

Anyway, her doctor shaved, cleaned and glued the cut closed, and then wrapped her tail in bubble wrap, and then bandaged her.

My question is: How long will it take for this cut to heal. I do have the same question in to my vet's office, but thought I'd ask it here as well, to see what other fur-kid owners experiences have been.

(we got all the instructions and answers when we were there but because of the two wildly nervous dogs and the blood sprinkler in the room, it was difficult to absorb all the information.)

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