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Originally Posted by it'spuppylove View Post
Thank you guys for such a warm welcome

I live a some what lazy lifestyle with about an hour of activity a day but not one of those athletic personalities that are constantly on the go. I'd also like a some what smaller dog, not everyone in our family is in agreement about the size of the dog (if it was up to me I'd go with a German Shepherd) so around 20-30lbs is about as big as we're okay with. So knowing that... does anyone have an idea of a breed that would suit these needs?

I completely agree with Longblades which is why I'm looking for a rescued dog because there's so many amazing dogs out there who need a second chance.

I haven't had a dog before but I've always wanted one. I don't know how to describe WHY I want a dog so much but as fellow dog lovers I'm sure you all understand my reasons without needing to describe it.
Since you are considering a rescue (which is awesome by the way!) maybe if you go to some of the rescue sites in your area you can talk to the people there and maybe they can work with you to assess what dog will fit best with your lifestyle, also maybe you can do some volunteering with them and get to know some of the dogs too, considering that you have never had one, maybe that will give you some idea of what you really want.

I will say take your time and do your research, don't get a dog by impulse, they are a joy for sure, but they are also a lot of work and you should be ready for all the responsibility
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