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Thank you guys for such a warm welcome

I live a some what lazy lifestyle with about an hour of activity a day but not one of those athletic personalities that are constantly on the go. I'd also like a some what smaller dog, not everyone in our family is in agreement about the size of the dog (if it was up to me I'd go with a German Shepherd) so around 20-30lbs is about as big as we're okay with. So knowing that... does anyone have an idea of a breed that would suit these needs?

I completely agree with Longblades which is why I'm looking for a rescued dog because there's so many amazing dogs out there who need a second chance.

I haven't had a dog before but I've always wanted one. I don't know how to describe WHY I want a dog so much but as fellow dog lovers I'm sure you all understand my reasons without needing to describe it.
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