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I think you are saying that you researched the problem with your kitty`s eye and think she has glaucoma. If that is what you are saying, are you talking about her entire eyeball or her pupil (the dark spot in the center of her eye)? There are many causes of an enlarged eye including a head injury when she was a kitten. You also say your kitty's eye is cloudy, that is usually a sign of cataracts, not glaucoma. Cataracts often happen to people and pets as they get older and often special eye drops from a vet are needed to treat the problem.

Your kitty could have also scratched her eye while rubbing her face on something which might account for her having difficulty keeping her eye open at night. Please let us know how you decided your kitty has glaucoma, what other symptoms does she have?

I also wonder like SCM why you can't take your kitty to a vet because you don't mention it in your post.
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