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SPCA Said she was spayed, but is she in heat?

I adopted a 7 year old cat just over a week ago. I was told by the SPCA that she was spayed. I don't know exactly how they determined that for sure, but judging by the fact that her belly was shaved, I'm guessing they just looked for a scar. I took her into the vet for a checkup after I got her, and the vet confirmed the scar was in the right place. But I saw the scar, and it was VERY faint, so I'm not totally convinced. The vet didn't seem 100% sure either, as she mentioned that I "would definitely find out soon enough."

Well I don't know about "definite," but the past 2 days, there has been a smell. She's been mostly confined to the bedroom as I have another cat and I've only been slowly exposing them to each other. He IS neutered (though oddly enough when I got him the SPCA said he was neutered and he actually wasn't - he had an undescended testicle). Anyway, the only place I've noticed the smell is in the bedroom where she stays most of the time. I've never been around a female cat in heat, so I don't really know what it smells like, but it honestly kind of smells like a woman on her period. It's not strong, but definitely noticeable.

And come to think of it, my male cat has been acting strange toward her. But I didn't think he would do that since he's neutered. He normally has no interest in other cats (i've pet sat other cats before). He doesn't take a strong interest in her when they are in the same room for short stints, but he will sit on the other side of the bedroom door and meow loudly. He's normally an extremely quite cat. So that's odd.

The only signs I've noticed would be the smell. No howling, no rubbing her bottom on things, no spraying on walls. She is extremely affectionate, which I know can be a sign, but she's a ragdoll/siamese and that's normal for ragdolls.

I read that some cats can be "silent callers" and show no signs. What do you think? I've already taken her to the vet, so I'm not sure how else to determine if she's actually spayed. There is just this sort of constant mild scent in the room.
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