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It's very difficult to quantify vaccine reactions, as most vets don't believe in those kinds of vaccine reactions.

As an example, my girl had a terrible reaction to her lyme vaccine, and it changed her completely. Over the next couple years, she saw a variety of vets, I changed a couple of time, there were a total of 13. Only two of those believed that the vaccine might be implicated, and one of them finally agreed to run the proper bloodwork (through cornell). So, after years of this battle, months of working and consulting through the cornell serology lab director, she was diagnosed with an immune complex disorder caused by her myme vaccine. That literally saved her, having a diagnosis, for the rest of her life, that "cornell said so" was golden. But it took intil the 13th vet to find one that would run the initial blood test, and then my regular vet being very cooperative and investigative after that. How many pet owners know to do this, or are able? I might have been able to shorten that vet list, but I didn't know what I know now. I even had a pecial consult at our local university, and they completely dismissed it.

This same dog, when she later had her raabies vax, it caused her to limp, and he did o for the rest of her life. That's a vaccine reaction, however most vets wouldn't acknowledge it, much less it get tallied somewhere.
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