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Originally Posted by Jim Hall View Post
So I live in new jersey and it is the law also I would never ask my vet to break the law and would be leery of any vet who did . This even goew for my cats thqat dont even go out side at all

BTW what is the incidence of reactions to a rabies vac?
It's much higher in cats than in dogs. Cats are sensitive to the adjuvant used in the 3 year rabies and many Vets will only give the one year to cats. The adjuvant is responsible for cancer at the injection site. I've read some small breed dogs are also thought to be susceptible. And, contrary to the size caution in dogs, my neighour's big Newfy is now recovering from surgery to remove vaccine induced sarcoma at her rabies injection site. It's not absolutely, positively for certain adjuvant in the rabies caused it but it's so awfully co-incidental her Vet believes it is. It's not a spot where other cancers are common.

My Vet recommends we no longer vaccinate the three, now down to two, oldest cats and they are 15, 17.5 and 20. Not rabies, not anything. I have had only cases of extreme lethargy in two of my cats over many years. I separated the rabies from their other shots by a couple of weeks. That was back when I still vaccinated for everything every year as told to by my VEt.

I have to say, simply doing what I was told to by someone supposedly looking out for my animals's best interest and up to date in their knowledge was sure a lot easier than having to research it and make up my own mind what was best for me and mine.
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