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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Jim, we've had three of the eight dogs swell up and vomit in response to a rabies shot and a black lab years ago that did the same thing. So in dogs, at least, reactions are not that uncommon. It helps if you do the rabies separately instead of with the distemper--we always wait at least a week between the two, even though it means another 100 mile round trip to get the second vaccination. Here we only by law have to vaccinate for rabies every three years. We're seriously considering letting it lapse, though, in the dogs that are older than 10. We won't do the distemper shots after that age, either.
I saw an interview with doctor schultz, on vaccinations being that he is a leader in the field, and he said that he only gave his dogs the first round of puppy shots and the one year boosters, but after that only rabies as per law every three years... then he said that was only because of the law otherwise he Wouldn't give any after the first year...

Im lucky that the clinic I now go to they do an assesment on your pet before just throwing shots at him, and they also do titter testing. Vets get titter testing before re-vaccinating themselves , why wouldnt our furrykids?...

Bestia has had reaction to the vaccine both times he got it, and it was very scary.
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