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Poor Coco Kitty!!

Came home today and someone had vomited up all their breakfast, so cleaned that up and poor Coco's trying to go poop and then a few minutes later threw up some clear fluid and DIDN'T want any Temptations!! time!! He's such a good boy, right in the carrier, he complained a bit on the way over. So his anal glands are giving him trouble again, the vet couldn't feel anything backed up and his bladder is normal sized. Poor kitty does not appreciate having his anal glands expressed! At least this time the vet took him into another room to do them and I still heard the howl So his heart is a little funky so he's going back on Tuesday for a geriatric blood and thyroid test. He's got some bland food for a few days for his system.

I like this vet, the other one I went to here, if you wanted an appointment the same day, they treated it like an emergency and charged an extra 75.00! This vet, she said can you be here by 2:30..yup and I only waited minutes once we got there. So right now he's sleeping in a sunbeam, hoping the food agrees with his tummy and he's feeling better.
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