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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Well, that's not long to wait. You do need someone experienced with the breed to help you, others might have the wrong ideas and be too harsh. Do let us know how you get on with his training, hope he turns into a top dog for you. I feel very sorry for the poor baby being mistreated the way he was.
Fringin she bailed on me. After many emails and queiries about moses, even planning to meet. I had been given fee she had the nerve to email me an say that there are 4/5 a head of me. Totally Irate I am someone who is supposed to be trustworthy is evitably not. Now Moses has worsened and I am in panic mode there is another place I have contacted going crazy here in winnipeg. Moses has become prey dog now! One would never believe it as he is such a sucky at home and with his brother Harley. He is incredibly gentle, loving, intelligent but the aggressivness has appeared because of this person whom I waited and waited for the love of G-d no one should invite nor give hope if not going thru with it. I have to leave Moses at home this summer so I could take Harley swimming. I am very saddened, frustrated and angry with her.
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